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Animals in the Classroom at 9-R - From Pets to Curriculum

Recently the 9-R community has been discussing the enforcement of the existing district policy, JLIF, or Service Animals in Schools. This policy has been in the district since 2015, and speaks to both the use of service and therapy animals in the classroom. This long-standing policy excludes animals as pets in the classroom, but our district has agreed to allow animals in the classroom as appropriate for aligned standards or curriculum delivery. While this has been an established policy, it has not been consistently enforced in the past at all schools.

School Board Appreciation

In honor of School Board Appreciation month, we want to take a moment to thank our volunteers on the school board for their tireless efforts to support education and youth in our community!

Video Buzzer System at Durango Big Picture High School

Dear Big Picture Families,

We welcome you back from what we hope was a great holiday break with your family, and we wish you all a Happy New Year.

We wanted to be sure to inform families about some new safety measures you will find at the school this semester. We have installed a security buzzer system at the front door.

Science Students Explore!

Recently, students in Melissa's Chemistry class made fruit batteries. They lit up yellow and red LED light bulbs using potatoes and apples and they generated around 100 micro-amperes of electricity from the fruit!

Just another example of how students are able to explore their passions through their learning.

9-R 2019/20 Calendar Survey - Parent Feedback

Thank you for taking a moment to share your feedback with us on our 2019/20 Academic Calendar. While that is a little ways away, we are trying to plan out our calendars two years ahead so that staff and families can plan around those calendars accordingly.

Student IDs Reminder

This is a friendly reminder for 9-R families that we are now using Student IDs for all students, all grade levels, for use both on route and activity buses, for City Transit services and for use in our school libraries. Students in the secondary level have IDs that are specific to their school site, while elementary-aged student IDs have the 9-R logo on it as to not designate school site. IDs for elementary students also come with a badge holder and a clip so students can clip the IDs to their bags or other belongings to prevent loss.

Are You Ready for Winter Weather?

As we feel that crisp cold weather again, we want to remind parents to start planning for winter weather and possible school closures.

Student IDs for 2017/18

Dear Families,
You student’s new school ID was recently issued for the 2017-18 school year. Student IDs serve a multitude of purposes within the district, including bus access and school library use. Student IDs issued this year are valid through the entire school year, as well as through the beginning of the 2018/19 school year until new photos and IDs are issued.

Big Picture to Recognize Student of the Month

Big Picture has a partnership with Fort Lewis College to recognize and honor students for their hard work, dedication, and showing the Gateway Keys.

For the month of September, these students were selected by each Advisor and Teacher as their Student of the Month. One of these students will be selected as the school Student of the Month and honored in December during our ceremony.
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