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Exhibition Themes

Exhibition Themes

One of the things that distinguishes Durango Big Picture High School is that our students do exhibitions two times per year.  Parents are required to attend these performances of student learning.  



First Year, First Semester - Transition from teacher directed learning to independent learning.

First Year, Second Semester - Where I have been, where I am, and where I am going, personally, socially and academically.


Second Year, First Semester - Gateway 1 - an understanding of the gateway keys, what they mean to that student, evaluation of where they stand on the gateway keys, and plans for filling in any gaps in the following semester in order to pass Gateway 2.

Second Year, Second Semester - Gateway 2 - persuasive presentation, evidence based, what the student has done to meet the gateway keys and why they are ready for senior institute.  


Third Year, First and Second Semester - Post Gateway - student selected themes and must incorporate personal, social and academic growth.

Fourth Year, Second Semester - Senior Exhibition