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Tracking Learning

We track all learning progress through Project Foundry.  This can be accessed anywhere there is a computer that is connected to the internet.
We use Performance Indicators (P.I.'s) for each content area.  When students show either Proficiency or Exemplary learning in each Performance Indicator, they receive credit in that content area.  
Here is an example of our P.I.'s for the four main content areas.
English Language Arts
english language arts p.i. graphic
math p.i. graphic
science p.i. graphic
Social Studies
social studies p.i. graphic
This graphic show how students are able to see all content areas.  The areas in Green are Performance Indicators that they have completed.  Yellow are ones that they are currently working on through Independent Projects, Experiences, or Internship.
Performance Indicators graphic
This graphic shows how the total credits for high school graduation are tracked for each content area.  
credits bar chart graphic
There is also a pie chart that graphically shows total credits completed and those still needing completion.  We require 23 credits to graduate.
credits pie graphic
Project Foundry also houses all of the Independent Projects, Experiences and Internships that a student is working on. 
projects list graphicprojects list 2 graphic
Students and families are able to see in real time the work that is being done as well as the proficiency levels for each project.