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One Student at a Time

Our unique and effective approach to learning promotes individual growth through community based internships and student-centered learning curriculum. Every student has different interests and we capitalize upon empowering students to let their inspirations drive their educational course work. Students at Big Picture take their education to the next level by taking at least one mandatory college class at Fort Lewis College or Pueblo Community College as a part of the concurrent enrollment program. College classes allow the students here to get an insight on a major they might want to pursue and how college classes operate differently from high school. We like to think that it helps the students enter college more prepared.
As for the internships students at Big Picture have, it allows the students to cultivate their interests and explore all the career options available through various degrees students are interested in. The staff at Big Picture is also very close with all students within the school. They strive to create strong student-teacher relationships that help foster relatedness and academic success. The entire environment at Big Picture is a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional schooling experience. Overall DBPHS welcomes students to rise to their full potential and discover social, personal, and academic inspirations that will shape who they are as individuals.
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