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Bradley speaking at graduation.
2018 graduates
Big Picture student working with students at Juniper.
Student and his advisor.
Student with her advisor.
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Front of Big Picture High School.

Principal's Message

2 BP Advisors earn Bravo Award!

This week's Bravo! Award goes to Big Picture High School advisors Christopher Calagias and Chantey Webbe. They were nominated by Needham Elementary PARA Jennifer Latham. In her nomination, Jennifer wrote, "For Christopher and Chantey, teaching didn't end when the 2016-17 school year did like it does for most teachers. These two dedicated, caring, compassionate educators collaboratively dedicated the first month of their summer break to continue working with a group of students during summer school at Big Picture, ensuring that they remain on the path to high school success. In the case of two seniors in particular who missed achieving a June 1 graduation, they put their hearts into seeing that at the end of June, those two young men joined the rest of the Class of 2017 in leaving Big Picture with their high school diplomas in hand. Chantey and Christopher even went a step further and put together a special send-off for the two graduates with a celebration with their summer school peers, other teachers and staff, outgoing Principal Alain Henry and their families to commemorate their achievement, speaking to each individual's perseverance in reaching that milestone. I know that helping keep these students on track did not come without its share of challenges, but they never gave up hope and for that, I cannot thank them (and all of the BIg Picture staff) enough as I am the mother of one of those two summer graduates. I appreciate them and all they have done for their students so much!!!" Nice job, Christopher and Chantey!
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News & Announcements

2020/21 Academic Calendar Survey

Thank you for taking a moment to share your feedback with us on our 2020/21 Academic Calendar. The District and the Board of Education work hard to plan out our calendars two years ahead so that staff and families can plan around those calendars accordingly.
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News & Announcements

9-R Schools Closed on Friday, February 22nd

The following is an emergency message from Durango School District 9-R for all parents, students and staff. Due to the current weather conditions and forecasts predicting forecasting heavy snow overnight and into the morning, all 9-R schools are canceled tomorrow, Friday, February 22, 2019, at all locations. This includes all school-related events and activities. Please listen to local media and radio stations for continued updates, call our information line at (970) 375-3811 or visit our website at durangoschools.org. We will continue to keep families informed of any change in school schedules through our notification system. Again, 9-R schools are closed Friday, February 22, 2019 due to severe weather. Thank you.
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News & Announcements

9-R Schools Canceled Due to Weather

The following is an emergency message from Durango School District 9-R for all parents, students and staff. Due to the current weather conditions and forecasts predicting continued adverse weather, all 9-R schools are canceled today, Thursday, February 21, 2019, at all locations
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News & Announcements

After-School Activities Canceled Today

The following is an emergency message from Durango School District 9-R for all students, staff and parents. Due to current weather conditions, all after-school activities are canceled today, Thursday, February 14, 2019. This includes all after-school activities, Kid’s Camp and community programs. For 9-R sports teams and related activities, please check with your coach or team sponsor regarding any changes to travel, but all practices will be canceled. Please note that buses will be running this afternoon. Again, all 9-R after school activities are canceled today, Thursday, February 14, 2019. Thank you.
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News & Announcements

You're Invited!

The Durango 9-R Board of Education invites you to join them for coffee on Wednesday, February 6th at 10am. This is an opportunity to meet with school board members and discuss topics of interest. The event takes place at the Durango Joe's on College Drive and will be hosted by school board President Nancy Stubbs and Vice President Stephanie Moran.
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News & Announcements

Common Grounds Brews Up Some New Ideas

Common Grounds Cafe was established in 2014 as a partnership between Durango School District 9-R and the Durango Library. The Cafe’s mission is to create a viable job-skills training site for students with special needs. The work experiences provides students with skills to find independency in the community and to obtain work.
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The mission of Durango Big Picture High School is to empower students to use their interests and passions to drive their learning through real world application and experiences in order to reach their personal, social and academic goals.

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