How Students Show Learning

Independent Projects
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Students can show learning in a number of ways at our school, as shown in the pictures above.  And, learning is what we care about!  Students earn credits by showing they are either Proficient or Exemplary in our Performance Indicators for each content area, such as Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies. 
Independent Projects - Student Created
Students may create a project at any time with their Advisor.  A student could write a research paper, create a website, build a house, develop an artistic portfolio, do research about river pollution, build a bicycle, or any other idea that they have to show learning.
Experiences - 6-7 week classes
These are shorter classes which seek to provide exposure to content in one or more subject areas, allow students to create projects, and show learning in one or more areas of content.  We believe in keeping them short for a reason.  Each student may show learning in a few or many different content areas, and that is considered alright as well.  
Our internship program allows students to show learning in one or more content areas, depending on where the student is located and what they are working on during their time at the site.  
We do use this software for credit recovery for any students who transfer to our school and need this option.